A Philosophy Of Blindness

          At first glance it might seem strange to have a section about a philosophy of blindness, however I think it is an extremely important topic to cover. The reason is simple, how you view blindness will determine your reaction to being blind or to those of us who are blind.

          There are as many “philosophies” of blindness as there are people so obviously I won't be trying to cover EVERY point here. What I want to do is present you with some ideas about what blindness is, a positive outlook if you will, and thereby let you know what blindness DOES NOT NEED TO BE.

          Whether we think about it or not we all have a philosophy of blindness. It determines how we treat blind people and how we think about ourselves if we are or become blind.

          Of course one question to answer is who is blind? Then there's the ":sensitive": question of what do you call someone who is blind? My short answer would be blind, but God help us some people are offended by that "nasty five letter word."

          So here are some discussions about different aspects of blindness, incidents that have happened to blind people and the affects of different philosophies of blindness.

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