Civil Rights

          There are any number of laws that try to protect the blind from discrimination, some work, some don't. If these pages accomplish nothing else I hope they will affect your and other people's attitudes so that these laws will no longer be needed. The real problem of blindness is not the loss of sight, it is the misconceptions so many people, the blind included, have of what blindness is.

          Below you will find a selection of articles detailing some of the laws that have been passed to help blind people and some of the batles we've fought to make sure these laws are obeyed.



  • The Right To Refuse Help.
  • Making The ADA Work For Us.
  • Supremacy.
  • Risks And Responsibilities.
  • Without Hope, Life In The Settlement For The Blind.
  • Of Judges, Attorneys, Juries, And The Blind.
  • Services For Blind "Are A Disgrace To The State Of Arizona," Group Says.
  • A Chip On Somebody's Shoulder.
  • Blind No Longer Incompetent In Oklahoma.
  • Blind Vendor Still In Jail.
  • Valleyfair: An Amusement Park Not Very Amusing To The Blind.
  • The Blind Achieving Success In The Work Place.
  • Serena Can Wait At The Bottom Of The Hill.
  • Airline Safety: What Happens When You Can See Fire On The Wing?
  • Airline Denies Seat To Disabled Official.
  • Air Travel And The Blind The Struggle For Equality.
  • Does The Bus Company Have A Blind Spot.
  • On Public Transportation, The ADA, and the NFB.

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