Blind Net has been on line since 1995 and grown and changed over the years. We've also received some several awards and we'd like to thank those groups and organizations for giving them to us.

Speech Friendly Medal

Blind Net is a Speech Friendly web site and is fully accessible to people using screen readers. There are no frames and tables are kept to a minimum. We've been given the Speech Friendly Web Site Medal.

Blind Net has just been given the ABCs Of Parenting 4 Star Award.

ABCso Of Parenting 4 Star Award Logo.
TheCyberMom 2 Hot 2 Handle medal.

Our thanks to for awarding Blind Net their 2 Hot 2 Handle Site of the day medal.

Blind Net has just been given the Medinex Web site Award.

Medinex Web site award logo.
Hot Flame Award! logo.

We'd like to thank Easop Marketing Corporation for awarding Blind Net their Hot Flame Award.

Our page may or may not be going to the dogs, but the dogs have definitely been to Blind Net. We have just received The Stone Fort Rott N Kid Award For HomePage Excellence!

Stone Fort Rott N Kid Award For HomePage Excellence!

And Activities

          Blind Net has joined several organizations and causes on the InterNet. We believe they make an excellent fit with our philosophy of blindness and keeping the web accessable.

SafeSurf Logo.
SafeSurf rated.
RSAC Logo.
RSAC rated.
The HTML Writers Guild
The HTML Writers Guild.
WWW Pro-Ethics Pledge logo sponsored by IWA.
The Pro-Ethics Pledge.
International Webmasters Association
The International Webmasters Association.

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