Products For The Blind

Products For The Blind

          Far to much is made of the technology which is available to help blind people do the things others do with sight. This is unfortunate because it gives employers, not to mention the general public, the false impression that we NEED these products for everything. This is, of course, not true. Technology can be extremely helpful, however negative attitudes toward blindness and lack of factual information are the real problem.

          Now, having said all that, and admittedly liking tech goodies myself, here's a list of some of the organizations and companies that sell products of interest to the blind. The descriptions that are in quotes, “,were provided by the listed organization or company. If you know of or work for an Organization or Company Specializing In Products For The Blind that isn't listed here please use this link to submit a listing for possible inclusion on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO CHARGE for being listed on this page. Being listed DOES NOT constitute an endorsement of the Organizations, Companies, or their products or services. This list is provided for your information only.

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